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Application form for IBatKidI Empty Application form for IBatKidI

Post  IBatBoyI on Fri Jun 07, 2013 12:17 am

Ign: IBatKidI
Role: Ice tank
yeah.. I know you said you weren't accepting anymore tanks because you have a lot but I really want to join so if I could still join thanks. if I cant oh well.
right now im not a high lvl and my combat rating isn't 80+ yet but when It is ill hit you guys up. I really wanna do what it do and finish the job. so if you could let me in the guild when I meet the standards thanks. I really appreciate it. if you can add me In game If you want. so yeah. my in game name is IBatKidI and I hope that you can let me in your guild when I meet the standards. thanks and add me in game so I can show you my cr

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