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Post  TheYSB on Thu Jan 17, 2013 12:32 am

Mental troll
PvP suit- 5 t4 (one modded vit/prec4 w/ 2nd piece almost ready) , 3 t3
PSN- YSB_KNelms21
Mods- resto power IV, nutri soder IV, dom health IV, Remix colas, Flex soder II, and a crap load of other III II mods
Alt Characters - YSB - sorc healer (never get on it so idk the cr, sp)
Leagues- Karmic Backlash, Jack Artists
Previous MMO's played- Was a die hard Runescape player back in the middle school days lol
(Optional) back ground story- started off mental xmas of 2011 switched to elec before getting to lvl 30 instead of creating a new char (waste of money -__-) got full t4 (pve) healer 87cr, switched back to mental some weeks ago w/ 72 sp 54cr, banged out mad feats and raids w/ badges and got to where im currently @ now

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