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IronWarlord's Application Empty IronWarlord's Application

Post  IronWarlord on Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:50 pm

IronWarord, Soldier Supreme from Soldiers Of Light. I've been playing since game launch and have been active ever sense. My knowledge of the game is that of an archives. A powerful ally and a loyal friend.

Main character- IronWarlord, Ice, Tank/DPS (Fully slotted for both roles with IV's for both pvp and pve) CR 84, 97 Skill Points.


Alt Characters Damion Wayne, Gadget Controller 60 SP 68 CR. Healios, Nature Healer, 49 SP, CR 46.

Villain characters and league- Comedic Assassin (InControl)

Mentor- Superman

Mods consumed - Precision IV

Main PVP warsuit- Full DPS Avatar suit slotted with precision / x IV's and Full Avatar Tank set slotted with Dom/ x IV's

Previous Leagues joined- Organization XIII, The Replacments, Legacy Of Truth

Previous MMO's played- Wizard101, World Of Warcraft

SOL FO LIFE! bounce bounce Cool

SOL Soldier

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IronWarlord's Application Empty Re: IronWarlord's Application

Post  nimbus yosh on Tue Jun 05, 2012 11:51 pm

Applacation approved.

See An officer or tactician for entry into the league..

Welcome to the soldiers.
nimbus yosh
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