AtomicGuardian application

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AtomicGuardian application

Post  Donte Swinson on Tue Sep 18, 2012 1:07 am

Main- AtomicGuardian, sorcery healer , 59 cr at the moment, and 44 skill points. Psn- TheDswinson. Villains- Commander killzone, fire tank, 36 cr ( full avatar bombardier pvp armor), 36 skill points. Other heroes - Wonder Genesis, sorcery dps, only level 14 at the moment, 9 skill points. Mentors- AtomicGuardian : batman Commander Killzone : The joker Wonder Genesis : Wonder Woman. Mods : ??? Haven't purchased any pvp armor on AtomicGuardian considering ive been focusing on getting pve armor, I have enough influence and marks of tactics to get some though. Heroe leagues joined- TheNinjaAssasins, Last kryptonians, Xit wounds, Boundbyblood, VillainsDownfall. Villain leagues joined- Black Armada, Zods Army. Pve armor ( on AtomicGuardian) - Full tier 2, central City trinket, healer shoulders from FOS 1 boss drop. Backstory: haven't thought of one. Other mmorpgs played- none, dcuo is my first ^_^ Issues: I don't have a mic, as im only 14 I can't buy one myself, I gotta wait til christmas or my birthday to get money. Other info : I'm a very active player ( on everyday ). Hope I met your standards and get accepted, thx for your time.

Donte Swinson
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Re: AtomicGuardian application

Post  nimbus yosh on Mon Sep 24, 2012 8:27 am

As of right now your skill points are a little low.

Onc you hit 60, let us know so we can get you in.

Stay tuned, and soon, you can join the ranks of the soldiers.
nimbus yosh
nimbus yosh

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