AtomicGuardian application

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AtomicGuardian application

Post  Donte Swinson on Tue Sep 18, 2012 1:07 am

Main- AtomicGuardian, sorcery healer , 59 cr at the moment, and 44 skill points. Psn- TheDswinson. Villains- Commander killzone, fire tank, 36 cr ( full avatar bombardier pvp armor), 36 skill points. Other heroes - Wonder Genesis, sorcery dps, only level 14 at the moment, 9 skill points. Mentors- AtomicGuardian : batman Commander Killzone : The joker Wonder Genesis : Wonder Woman. Mods : ??? Haven't purchased any pvp armor on AtomicGuardian considering ive been focusing on getting pve armor, I have enough influence and marks of tactics to get some though. Heroe leagues joined- TheNinjaAssasins, Last kryptonians, Xit wounds, Boundbyblood, VillainsDownfall. Villain leagues joined- Black Armada, Zods Army. Pve armor ( on AtomicGuardian) - Full tier 2, central City trinket, healer shoulders from FOS 1 boss drop. Backstory: haven't thought of one. Other mmorpgs played- none, dcuo is my first ^_^ Issues: I don't have a mic, as im only 14 I can't buy one myself, I gotta wait til christmas or my birthday to get money. Other info : I'm a very active player ( on everyday ). Hope I met your standards and get accepted, thx for your time.

Donte Swinson
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Re: AtomicGuardian application

Post  nimbus yosh on Mon Sep 24, 2012 8:27 am

As of right now your skill points are a little low.

Onc you hit 60, let us know so we can get you in.

Stay tuned, and soon, you can join the ranks of the soldiers.
nimbus yosh

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