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Post  Grey Spec on Mon Jun 17, 2013 6:34 am

Character Name:Grey Spec - Gadgets DPS/troll 89cr pvE with 124 skill points.

Alternate character name:Spinjitsu - Fire Tank 50cr with 57 skill points

No villian characters.

Mentor - Batman

No mods yet,waiting to be full t4 pvp and full t5 pve Very Happy.

My main pvp warsuit is t3 logistics officer with a couple pieces of vengence controller gear.

Past Leagues:Project 300,Soulless Reapers,TOP TEAM,and Social Elites.

Previous MMO's played - DCUO

Background story:Grey Spec has dedicated his life to honing his physical and mental abilities in order to stop crime.Ever since the day his father was stabbed and killed by a war criminal(Massacre also an archnemeis of Batwing),all he has left was the specs his father would wear when he was stationed to afghanistan.
 A master at all forms of martial combat,Grey Spec has advanced technological tools specially made him and the company Providence(A company his father owned) a multibillion dollar company where only the latest gadgets and software is at its best.

Grey Spec
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