Mgo Videos of Me (For Aerospeed)

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Mgo Videos of Me (For Aerospeed)

Post  omar_51 on Tue Aug 21, 2012 3:13 am

Obviously I'm Renegade. I pretty much win it for our team, this is a 2v2 capture game. The objective is to hold the target @ goal for 30 secs. & Obviously keep the other team from taking you off the goal.

I'm Crazy LegZ, same thing as the video above...Just 1v1.

short funny clip

Us beating MG in TSNE, One team gets stealth, the other team has to spot them and kill them. Stealth team gets no lethal weapons except for knife. Stealth team has to get one of the targets ga-ko, or kerotan and bring it back to their goal. I do that in the 1st round, as seen in this vid.

I'm not really in this vid a whole lot but you can see me getting key kills to help our team score our goal. Objective of the match is to get yo target to the goal, and stop the team from scoring theirs. If you drop the target and no one touches it, it resets the goal to another location. Team more goaled targets wins.

There's plenty more vids, but these show me more so
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