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They are real. Many of them overlap. They are the inevitable result great players wanting to play with greater players. Get in as many of them as you can. Expand your horizons within the game and PvP with as many of your fellow heroes as possible.

Some players are bound to be better than others but sorry LG, they weren't born that way. They got to where they are by trial and error and by shunning mediocrity in search of even greater improvement no matter how good they think they are.

Whats important is that you learn from your groups mistakes and continue to develop your game knowledge and skill along the way.

Everything you do in-game will contribute to our reputation as a league and your reputation as a player, right or wrong for better or worse. This reputation is often what determines whether or not other players want to group with you.

Important factors for PvP are: Skill, Gear, Mods, Game knowledge in roughly that order.

Other important factors are what role you play (healer/tank/troller being the most in demand), your ability to carry out basic instructions (block break "villain xyz", single target "player x"), and when and how you communicate during a match (which can work for or against you i.e. talking so much there's no time for another member of the group to say something more relevant to the match or much worse not saying anything at all the whole match.) Try to be professional and treat your fellow league members with respect and dignity. Wherever possible be an asset to your group.

If you find you log in and ask to join a pvp group and don't get a response I strongly encourage you to take the initiative and form a new group. Failing that, you may end up having to ultimately solo queue to get your content completed. Everybody in the league has done this and will again have to do it at some point in order to progress their character. It's not just you.

One final note. Many new members have really impressed us. Everybody in this league has the capacity to develop their character's potential to the reach the absolute pinnacle of DCUO PvP greatness.

Develop that potential.
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