By now you may be aware...

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By now you may be aware... Empty By now you may be aware...

Post  Hot Stuff on Fri Jun 21, 2013 1:01 pm

That Nimbus has been hard at work putting more time and effort into making videos trying destroy SoL than he ever spent in helping to build it up over the last year.

Where did all this time and energy come from so suddenly?

For Nimbus to be so vocal all of a sudden, he must have been feeling this way all along and held back on us so it's nice to get to see him say what he really thinks for a change.

If you find yourself compelled to watch the Nimbus of Yosh and the Yoshettes Show, pay attention and think critically for yourself.

Great minds never tell you what to think. They show you where to look.

No 1 person is bigger than the league, right Nimbus?

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