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Leadership of SOL! Empty Leadership of SOL!

Post  Aces on Tue Jun 18, 2013 9:52 am

Currently there are 4 leaders of the league, 

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If any of you have any objections to these choices please let me know.   I am looking for a 5th leader, if you are in SOL and feel you deserve to be a leader of the greatest PVP league in DCUO let me know.

How this council works:

For Minor issues within the league such as disputes between league members can be settled with 1 leader, or of someone in the league starting drama or QQing, one leader can put said person in 1 of 4 of our punishment ranks depending on how bad the individual acted.

For issues that require more thought such as inviting people in the league with lower requirements than we have set in place will take 2 leaders to confirm.

For controversial issues like re inviting players who left the league will take a majority of leaders.

If a fairly new player continues to bring drama and stress to SOL it will take a majority of  leaders to kick them.

For legacy changing decisions like changing a rule/mindset within the league or kicking a long standing member of the league will require a unanimous decision by the current leaders.

If you have any questions please ask me in game 


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Leadership of SOL! Empty Re: Leadership of SOL!

Post  CloudX on Tue Jun 18, 2013 5:42 pm

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Leadership of SOL! Empty Re: Leadership of SOL!

Post  Hot Stuff on Wed Jun 19, 2013 7:16 pm

We recently overhauled the ranking system to simplify the different distinctions within the league. They are:

Leader- the man with the power to disband the league. For all other intents and purposes, the leaders actual rank is an avatar of light BUT since the game imposes the rank of leader on 1 AND ONLY 1 person, this is a necessary evil.

Avatar of Light- these are the league directors that meet and discuss how to resolve problems within the league.

Super Soldier- these are the leagues top PvPers that have been in the league at least 6 months.

Soldier- these are full-patch members of SoL. They've survived.

Noob- these are members that want to get better at PvP but arent yet ready for the big leagues (match syncing)

New Recruit- this is the starting rank for all new members that have just joined the league.

Probation- this is the least severe punishment rank. Minor infractions put you on probation for varying lengths of time decided as by the leader/avatars of light referred to from here on in as the council.

Incarceration- if you're on probation and you mess up again, this is your new rank. If you break a rule too serious from probation, you end up here...

Life Sentence- ...or worse than that, you end up serving a life sentence. This leads to a meeting of the council and they discuss the situation and make a decision whether to keep you issue you a...

Death Sentence- This is the last straw of punishment ranks. Once you're cursed with this rank you have 1 week to convince anyone who will listen that you deserve a second chance or face execution. (booted from the league)

Post any questions you have below.
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Leadership of SOL! Empty Re: Leadership of SOL!

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