How to post Videos on the forums.

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How to post Videos on the forums. Empty How to post Videos on the forums.

Post  TheDeveloper on Tue Jun 05, 2012 11:21 am

When posting a video you can't just have the url and u put it out and its done no, this is the way you do it, Get the URL off youtube copy it, now when making any posts on the forum their should be a icon bar under your title of the topic, you should see like how to make you letters bold or small or cap, theirs a pic, video tab as well, click the Video icon next to the Flash and u should beable to upload a video after clicking the video. Also to all new signed up members, i just found out their is a 7 day trial period that you will not beable to post videos till then, im working on a way so their isn't a trial bare with me in the mean time. Thanks

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