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Clipping in gu22 Empty Clipping in gu22

Post  Aces on Sat Jan 12, 2013 6:09 am

For people thinking that this is the end or a nerf to clipping hear me out, they are changing weapon speeds so slower weapons(2h,brawling,shield) will be the hardest hitting weapons in the game, while faster weapons (1h,ma,dw) damage will be reduced but their combos will be faster.

Why 1handed is OP atm is the fact that you can clip it early and get full damage out, this is intended.
What the devs are doing is increasing the speed of spin chop for example while decreasing its damage, clipping the combo early wont decrease damage done by the combo.

Why this reduces the potential for better dps is the fact that you would rather clip a slow hard hitting combo than a fast combo for obvious reasons.

Clipping will NOT reduce damage in gu22 just the potential for good dps on certain weapons is being reduced.

Clipping is here to stay so don't worry.

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