DLC 6 DLC 7 DLC 8 and DLC 9 are...

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DLC 6 DLC 7 DLC 8 and DLC 9 are... Empty DLC 6 DLC 7 DLC 8 and DLC 9 are...

Post  Hot Stuff on Sat Oct 20, 2012 3:58 am

Home Turf - Player owned real estate
Halls of Power - League Headquarters (like a leagues own watchtower where you can save preset power loadouts and costumes for fast access)
Origin Crisis - Origin stories for the mentors (time travel to see Batman's parents killed. Follow his transformation into Batman. Each mentor has their own)
Trials of Trigon - Trigon transforms Gotham into hell (new look and content for Gotham, watch the children of Trigon fight over who gets to replace him)

All info taken from the SOE live keynote speech here...

20:30 to 31:30 is the DCUO portion of the video
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DLC 6 DLC 7 DLC 8 and DLC 9 are... Empty Re: DLC 6 DLC 7 DLC 8 and DLC 9 are...

Post  Aces on Sat Oct 20, 2012 4:05 am

Was just about to post lol Nice!

Okay, back again. The keynote address was phenomenal although a little shorter than I was hoping. As you all now know, aside from Home Turf, there will be three more DLC launching in 2013 however there is no guarantee which order they will go (as I write this):

Origin Crisis - This is the Future Lex / Future Batman / Current Batman conflict continuation that many on these forums had been asking for. Some storylines involve going back in time to stop either Hero origins. This DLC will have raids and will introduce T5 armor and gear.

Halls of Power - Will build on the Lair system being introduced in Home Turf and allow Hero and Villain leagues to create their own HQ's. Will also include the entire revamp of the league management system.

Trials of Trigon - So, basically after defeating Raven and then defeating the Titans to usher Trigon's power into this world (remember the "Pillars of Hell" story arc on the villain side?), this is the logical next step. Gotham will be remade in Trigon's own image leaving heroes and villains alike to fend off Trigon by defeating his sons and daughters.

Other information and insight I've managed to pick up:

No, the cities will not be unbottled. There are both story and continuity reasons for this but most importantly it changes the experience for anyone going from level 1-30 and also there is content tied directly to the bottles which would go away, again changing the game experience.

Presently there are no plans whatsoever to change or expand the level cap.

In the loading screens, no, none of the images have been removed. If certain ones aren't loading it could be due to a change in the algorithms which generate certain image calls or and image file might have been mis-named. The developers were not aware of this at all until I mentioned it and are definitely going to look at it to figure out what happened.

Jens is both very cool and very tall (6'4"+). He also pays for legendary like everyone else because PSN doesn't cut anyone any slack. I am hopeful to group up with him in the next few weeks to run some content and play because he does like to do that for the experience.

For the dev team, the challenge is that with certain storylines that are suggested, DC will not let them do without severe restrictions. The licensing aspect of this game is oftentimes overlooked when it shouldn't be. The development group also are stuck because they cannot honestly say "We can't do a certain story arc because DC won't let us" because that would sour an otherwise great relationship so, as a result, they don't say anything. However, they do read the forums regularly and try to follow as many of the great idea threads and discussion as possible.

I do not believe there are plans to add any new powersets for a while as balancing for Fire & Ice then Sorcery / Nature need to be completed long before that.

So far, I've not heard anything regarding vehicles being added into the game.


The video from this morning's panel is still uploading to my YouTube account (internet is dreadfully slow here) but I'll push the link as soon as it is done and ready.

Due to a scheduling conflict, I will miss the DCUO: Let's Talk About Raids panel in the morning as it occurs at the same time as my Guilds & Leagues - Managing Your "A" Game panel but I should be able to grab either Jens or Jesse Benjamin, the design director for the game and go over things to find out what I might have missed. Also there are a few others who are covering this on the PC side. There is also another panel at 5PM, "DCUO: Combat in DCUO - Real-time Dynamic Combat on a Massive Scale" which covers powers, weapons, skills and so on. I will have the details from that panel and will try to get video of it as well.

All in all, it's been a very fast-paced and crazy handful of days and I've met a lot of really cool people both who work on the game and play the game as well. I'm still trying to find some PS3 log-in time down in the Player lounge so that should happen tomorrow at about noon if it is going to happen at all. If not, I won't be back online, PS3-side, until Monday but then I'll be making up for lost time.

Again, I'm still pouring through questions to see if I can get you guys answers and I will continue to post as I get them in a cohesive state. Keep hammering me with them or tagging me on Twitter with them (@OldDirtyGamer). I should have more answers tomorrow.

Thanks much!

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