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Post  Master Manipulator on Sun Jun 24, 2012 8:22 pm

Main character (Master Manipulator, Mental, Troller, 88 Combat Raiting, 116 Skill Points)

PSN- Dirrty_Burrito

Alt Characters (Madame Manipulator, Nature Healer, CR dunno, 80 something)- I really only concentrate on my main I haven't been on my alt in a month or 2.

Villain characters (if any) and league- I have 2 I started when I began playing the game, back when it came out... but I also never get on them either

Mentor- Superman

Mods consumed (Vit & Pre4, Vit & Dom4, Precision & Health4, Flex Soda4, Vitamin Soda4, All-Natural Soda4)- I think I got them all

Main PVP warsuit ( Most T3 only missing the cheap pieces ie:hands boots and waist, I started modding my chest with precision4 and then thought maybe I should wait to mod my T3 with 4 mods in anticipation of doing T4 suit with 4 my T3 legs have precision 2, but then I second guessed myself again and now my T3 head and shoulders I put precision&health4 )-

Previous Leagues joined- Well none really worth mentioning till Revelations which was "post" mega server... you'll know them from either Golden Shadow or perhaps your buddy MartisX's hero alt Martis... However Revelations is dying a slow death... only about 6 or 7 of us get on anymore with consistancy... I could potentially bring 1 or 2 other good players with me if it works out for both of us.

Previous MMO's played- none but have been on DCUO since beta and a subscriber since launch

(Optional) back ground story
Im 32 from Buffalo NY, I have a mic (2 actually I dont understand how you play without it)... I normally play Sunday thru Thursday as weekends are tough for me. Its summertime so im on a little less but being from Buffalo as soon as it snows im on much much more lol

I originally started on Blood Will Run so I've been PVP since I began, Had full Avatar Bombider before megaservers...but go out of it a little after megaservers and focused more on PVE with Revelations...but Im back into the PVP swing of things... I could use some pointers from league mates engulfed in PVP and look forward to learning how to be the best... So if you wanna give me a shot send me a tell in game or respond and tell me how to get in touch with you guys...

Any questions from you guys feel free to respond and I will do as well.

Master Manipulator
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Post  nimbus yosh on Tue Jun 26, 2012 3:34 pm

Speak to one of our officers for an invite.

Welcome to the soldiers
nimbus yosh
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