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Post  Golden Shadow on Sun Feb 17, 2013 4:59 pm

Golden Shadow
Dps/Tank (I can do both but mostly tank in pvp)


Alt Characters (Golden Spark 85cr 94sp/ Inspect0r Gadget 83cr 85sp)-


Mods consumed (Soda IV's(Bulldozer,Nitro,Flex,Remix,&Vitamin)Mod IV's(Power,Precision,Dom & Health, Vit &Dom, Might &power, Might & Health, Precision & Power, Precision & Might, REsto & precision, Vit & Might)-

Main PVP warsuit (full T4 Checkmate)- All IV Mods Precision& Might X 4, Might & Health X 2, Might & power X 2)

Previous Leagues joined-Revelations-(was Leader)

Previous MMO's played-SWTOR

Golden Shadow
SOL Soldier

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