Raziel Vex (Nimbus sent me here.. hope this is right)

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Raziel Vex (Nimbus sent me here.. hope this is right) Empty Raziel Vex (Nimbus sent me here.. hope this is right)

Post  Guest on Sat Nov 24, 2012 5:28 pm

Main Character: Raziel Vex, Sorcery DPS, CR 16, SP 32
PSN: AlphaMega187
Villain Characters: N/A
Mentor: Superman
Mods: N/A
Main PVP Warsuit: N/A
Previous Leagues Joined: The Federation, Galactic Guardians, Heroes Elite, The Defenders, The Ultimates (all EU leagues).
Previous MMO's: none

Back ground: I originally come from the EU servers but i got a bit bored over there so i (literally) just made a new toon atm im at lvl 24 with 32 SP, after seeing a couple of Nimbus Yosh vids on Youtube i just had the feeling i would fit in great with this league.
Beating crime straight down villains throats, putting that foot of justice straight up their ass (pause) untill their insides look like scrambled eggs, thats right up my alley.

I know i dont have any gear yet but its about player skill as well, even tho my toon on the EU server has 117SP and full T3 PVP, I've beaten alot of full T4 players thru pure skill big EU names like ORBIT and SB4D (i can do a legends match with whoever is reviewing this, as a preview of my skills), im an experienced player that has been in average leagues for a long time because im too loyal, so i figured: a new server, a new start.. why not apply to the best of the best? Like i said i have plenty of experience in PVP and PVE and no problem getting SP and gear real quick, im very competitive and always looking for ways to improve... im not satisfied with being average. Within a month i can get full T3, no replay badges either.

I aint shit... yet, but if u give me a chance to prove my potential i will show u i will make a great addition to SoL.
Trust me when i get on yall lvl...

Everyday is a bad day to be a villain.


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