Hot Stuff's official statement explaining the decision

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Hot Stuff's official statement explaining the decision

Post  Hot Stuff on Mon Oct 15, 2012 8:43 pm

I'm sorry to inform the league that my personal life has dealt me some serious curve balls over the past few weeks culminating on Oct.9th. Since then, I have suffered a few health setbacks and have taken a week of vacation leave off from work to help decompress from all the stress I've been under. During this week I was hoping to spend more time on the game during the 4pm to midnight pacific time period that I'm usually not available. Not being at work this week would also provide me with more time to go over my case with an attorney. A lack of respect from the league in general was only a small factor in this decision.

There are several of you who are in a position to rise up and co-lead the league, uncompensated, in a professional manner that lack the will or the desire to do so but the time has come for one of you to prove you care about this league. If there's an election I will cast my ballot for the soldier that deserves the job the most and rest assured, tenure will be a small factor.

Since video games are a hobby and not a job, I have decided to step down from the co-leader position until I can allocate my time more effectively toward serving the our fellow soldiers in a leadership capacity. While I'm no longer available to do any PvE whatsoever, I'm still available to PvP at any time while I'm logged in. Hot Snuff out.
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Re: Hot Stuff's official statement explaining the decision

Post  nimbus yosh on Wed Oct 17, 2012 4:31 pm

I regrettably accept your resignation.

You have been an EXCELENT co-lead and I am proud to call you my friend.

I hope things do better for you, and if you want someone to talk to on a personal level, holla at me.

thank you for your service to the soldiers, and hopfully you get a huge turn around and a buncha money.
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