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Lord Infamous Go Go Gorilla Promo

Post  Lord Infamous on Tue Aug 21, 2012 4:46 am

Yes i know I'm new and I know I'm a pain lol but I would love to have my own retarded rank
of Go Go Gorilla as some of you may know I like to use my gorilla!
Yes i know I'm a healer but I really do believe there a place in a league for a gorilla lol...
See the Go Go Gorilla is my signature move when a enemy dies
I tea bag them with the biggest BALLZ in the game but the Icing on the cake
is popping the PVP trinket to make the nut off as being pawned
but you know the other word that's like rap but with an E!
I would love the opportunity to be almost like a Mascot for the league
imagine the amount of rage if some noob does that to you in a match Evil or Very Mad
you may ask yourself that's a villain move well I'm Lord Infamous I'm the crooked hero!
Also if anyone would love to join my vision of 5 man PVP with Go Go Gorilla's
I'm here for you others my laugh and ridicule you not I Lord Infamous!
I believe in Hope & Change for a better 2012 and beyond plz Vote my request it in!!!

Lord Infamous
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