Rin Kahzujin's Application

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Rin Kahzujin's Application

Post  rinKahzujin on Sat Jul 28, 2012 9:22 pm

Hello, I'm Rin. Everybody calls me Rin lol. Anyways, i basically want to join SoL, i dropped out of GO REPSEC because i wasn't getting any play time. My PSN is angellord145. I have 3 heros, 2 villians. my 3 heros are Rin Kahzujin, Peitha, and Nebris. my 2 villians are, Amongst (deleted) and Zettabyte (abbandoned). I'm looking for a league that does both PvE and PvP but mostly PvP. I'm a Beast Nature Heals. I have 4 pieces of T4 all moded and 4 pieces of T3 unmodded. i have 92 Skill Points. Current Movement is Superspeed. And im Expirience with PvP.

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Re: Rin Kahzujin's Application

Post  Elite Gonna on Mon Jul 30, 2012 1:53 am

Hey,welcome to our league.But just one thing to ask why did you leave our league less than 1 day?Aleast heard you left.Why???!?!??!
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